Credit: Ben Colvin

Credit: Ben Colvin

Anthony Gilbert | Owner

Like a reoccurring theme to my life, I fell in love with the camera when I wasn't really looking for it.

For years, I was stuck chasing the dream of aspiring musician as I jumped from band to band to DJ for the better part of a decade. After hashing a master plan to bring more to the table than just the occasional DJing gig, I thought to try out taking pictures at shows that I was also spinning at. It only took one of those nights before I was hooked and quickly realized where I needed to go next.

Fast-forward over two years, and a hobby quickly turned into both a deep passion and the start of a career. My love for music has never changed, but the thirst to explore new forms of photography drives me to new places everyday. From the concert venue pit to the church steps, I approach each chance to photograph a timeless moment with the same excitement I had at my first show. I push myself not to be just one type of photographer or only shoot one type of medium, I thrive to share it all through how I see it.

A picture has to tell a story. Maybe I'm just at the right place at the right time...