The Millenium Live from The Whole

Diet Pepsi getting the best of Kyle Culver

Diet Pepsi getting the best of Kyle Culver

When Kyle "Feather" came to me back in September to ask if I could go on tour with his band, The Millenium, I about debated quiting my job to go with them.

Fresh off my one day on set with them for their music video to their newest single, 'Stay', I was asked if it was within my means to basically drop my life for three weeks to hop in a van with 10 dudes and travel the East Coast and Midwest. Unlike most people, this sounded like a dream come true for me. I ran every scenario in my head, even the very real possibility of loosing my job of 5+ years if I asked for almost a month off to go be a traveling photographer. Ultimately, it wasn't in the cards for myself or The Millenium this time around.

The Millenium consists of three of the coolest dudes I've met in recent memory, and they embody the true spirit of being musicians. Funny, nice as hell, talented yet can also party hard, The Millenium is made up of Kyle, Kyle and Matt. Formed in Eau Claire, WI just an hour from myself in Hudson, these guys believe in the music they are making and aren't afraid to show it all over the stage. Although I wasn't able to spend the whole 21 day, 16 stop tour with this crew of bad asses, I made a point to make it out to their Homecoming(ish) show down at the U of M to snap some pictures and catch up with these guys.

The Whole Music Cafe is located in the student union of the U of M's Minneapolis campus, and oddly enough a venue I've shot before back when my longtime friend Psymun and K.Raydio played it a few winters back. This venue would be a great spot to see a show, if the people in attendance actually got into the music being played before cellphone fixated eyes. Arguably one of the most boring crowds I've ever seen, this didn't deter these guys from putting on a hell of a good show. With opening support from Kiernan McMullan and Carter Hulsey, two extremely talented Nashville based folk artists, these two were the perfect pair to warm up the night for the patiently waiting pop punk sounds on the horizon.   

Kiernan McMullan, Matt Hasenmueller, and Carter Hulsey

Kiernan McMullan, Matt Hasenmueller, and Carter Hulsey

When it was all said and done, every guy on this tour knew how to throw down in their own respective way. My only wish would have been to see them in a more supportive and energetic environment cause really that's what their music is all about. These guys definitely have a new fan and supporter over here. Although I know they are extremely happy to all be home and off the road, I look forward to them hitting the road next so I can see them play again. Who knows, maybe I'll even get to fulfill my dreams of being a traveling concert photographer yet.

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