Analog Photography, Pt. II

Universal CityWalk, Hollywood

Universal CityWalk, Hollywood

I always get a kick out people's responses when they realize I'm shooting a "real, live, old film camera".

Earlier this year, I vacationed out in L.A. for about a week with one of my best friends. With so many options for cameras to choose to bring on vacation, there was something both extremely relaxing and exciting about striping down to a simple 35mm body, one lens, and some rolls of film. Having never shot slide film, or color positive film, I thought what a better time than a trip to California.

Velvia and Provia are known for their extremely vivid colors, almost to a comical degree. This was exactly the look I was searching for with my focus being more so on the scenery and less on people, because both of these film stocks are not flattering to skin tones. Shooting film certainly has a learning curve, after loosing one whole exposed roll after a rewind malfunction, followed by hand developing and scanning, there was lots to be learned. After some slight curve adjustments due to my scans not looking nearly as vivid as the positives do in real life, these shots came out quite nicely.

All images were shot on my Canon AE-1 with a Sigma 24mm f/2.8 on either Velvia 50 or Provia 100. We traveled a vast part of Southern Cali in that weeks time, everywhere from Hollywood to San Diego up to Pismo Beach at the sand dunes. The shots that survived show off a day at Universal Studios Hollywood, hiking in Santa Barbra at Lizard's Mouth, and the day spent at Pismo. I'm anxious to get some fresh rolls of Velvia and get down to dialing it in for even better shots.