2015: A Visual Recap

For me to say last year was eventful would be a true understatement.

As I sit and look forward to my goals and ambitions for this year, I had to stop and reflect on the laundry list of incredible opportunities I was blessed with in 2015. Twelve months ago, I still considered photography a hobby, one of which I didn't particularly find myself good at yet. I was fortunate enough to have a handful of people I look up to convince me otherwise, and after a few crucial opportunities and a never ending supply of desire to learn more and push myself harder, I rounded out the year with a stronger knowledge and growth of skill that I couldn't have even imagined I would have now.

Credit: Ben Colvin

Credit: Ben Colvin

A majority of my year was spent assisting for local architectural photographer, Corey Gaffer. Of Corey's amazing list 105 projects from last year, I was fortunate enough to assist with him on 42 of those. Four full days in Surly Brewing Company's new Minneapolis mecca-brewery, two weeks in North Dakota, and an unbelievable two day stay in the famous Rapson Cube in the woods of Wisconsin are some of the highlights of my year helping and learning from Corey. I was also lucky enough to help my good friend and Corey's other assistant, Austin Fassino, on a very unique large-format-mobile-darkroom operation for Corey's wedding day. 

Corey flying a drone at the cube, Day 1 of Rapson Cube project

Corey flying a drone at the cube, Day 1 of Rapson Cube project

Last year was also chalk full of many of my own shoots, with everything from weddings to concerts, commercial work and some video. I also began to develop of love for analog photography, shooting every medium still available today. 35mm, slide film, medium format, large format, Polaroid, large format onto direct positive paper, developing, scanning, printing...the list goes on. 

With no shortages of photos to take and things to learn and experiment with, it's no wonder why 2015 was easily my favorite year. As I fine tune my vision for 2016 and gear up to go after the kind of work I truly am dying to do day in and day out, I feel beyond blessed with where I'm at thus far and so eager to keep pushing forward. Every day that I wake up and am able to do anything relating to photography and a camera is a beautiful day to me. Last year is certainly gonna be a tough one to beat, stay tuned to see what 2016 has in store.

Notable Video Assisting Projects 

For more on the people I collaborated with:

Corey Gaffer Photography: http://www.gafferphotography.com/

Ben Colvin: http://www.colvincreative.com/

Field Technique: http://www.fieldtechnique.com/

Austin Fassino: https://www.facebook.com/AustinFassino/