The Interstates - Part One

"Look at us, guys! We've never looked so pop punk!"

"Look at us, guys! We've never looked so pop punk!"

Insert Flame Emoji Here.

It's March 26th and I'm having a conversation with Kyle 'Feather' about getting together to chat about a few ideas when he asks;

"I know this is last minute but would you want to come with us to any of the shows this weekend and shoot?"

We had thrown around the idea of me joining them on tour several times before, but we were never able to make it a reality due to previous obligations on my end. Like, you know, a job. Luckily I was now swimming in the freelance-contractor-entrepreneurial pool, and I had nothing really going on in six days. I had been dying to hit the road with these guys and although it was only for four quick regional stops, I was all for it. Shit yeah, count me in!

The Millenium is a name that should ring a bell if you've followed me for a little while now. After reconnecting with Feather back last summer, I've been slowly collaborating more and more with this squad of goons. Brandon, Casey, Matt, Kyle 'Culver' and Kyle 'Feather' each have unique and dynamic qualities that they bring to the table that I found out, rather quickly, was gonna keep me thoroughly entertained all weekend long.

I met up with the crew in the early afternoon of day one at Feather and Brandon's house which I found out was a mere few hundred feet away from mine. The gang was all there and ready to roll, so after snapping a quick team photo and piling into the tour van, we were off and running to the very far away land of Burnsville, MN.

The Garage is a venue that I had oddly enough played at back in my awkward teenage band days. Featuring two separate rooms for multiple bands to play at once and a cool little cafe, this youth center seemed a step up from the previous all ages venues I'd seen back in my younger days.

We arrived to the spot at about 3PM, which turned out to be far earlier than needed since load in wasn't even until 4:30. Having been warned by Feather that the band is notorious for being late, we were staring at an hour and a half of sitting around patiently waiting for the night to begin. What does a group of twenty-somethings do with all the time in the world and nothing to do? Probably not drink...

After killing the time with hi-jinks and bullshitting, the doors finally opened and the guys entered full work mode once load in was under way. Around this time, the other bands began to trickle in with their gear as well. The headliners for the night, Whosah, were a fun, indie pop group with trendy outfits and great attitudes to boot. Before learning just how high energy and talented these guys would be live, I chatted with Dave and Spencer earlier in the night to find they were two extremely cool and down to earth guys.

The night would also feature performances from Candid Kid, a smaller local act with more of a traditional indie rock forward sound and grungier look. John Chuck & The Class also warmed up the room with confetti flying, an added piece of showmanship and flair that would highlight their style of quirky raps delivered by John over a three piece band appropriately named as his Class. 

By the time The Millenium was ready to hit the stage, the crowd had turned out and looked eager to see the boys perform again since their last Minneapolis show, the insanely high energy New Years Eve night that I was also in attendance at. The large projection screen acting as stage curtain raised and the guys proudly opened with their newest single, Interstates. Staccato piano chords met with an upbeat acoustic riff, which quickly draws you into a massive chorus of catchy no's and oh's that you can't help but sing along to, this was just the track to get the crowd at attention.

Watching these five guys rock the stage is always a truly impressive thing. You won't find Casey or Feather standing still for almost any amount of time, consistently running back and forth to keep the energy high. Matt's passion as front man is gripping and he's not afraid to do everything from pulling his own hair to screaming in fan's faces and anything in between. Culver and Brandon can both be found impressively giving their instruments a run for their money as well, drums and an acoustic guitar rarely get such love and a beating from their owners like these guys dish out.

After fourty-five sweat filled minutes, the guys took the crowd on a satisfying journey through their catalog and Millenium staples. The guys masterfully balance their original catalog with insanely catchy covers such as their amazing rendition of a The Killer's classic "When You Were Young" and a highly addictive version of Jason Derulo's "Want To Want Me", complete with a choreographed dance sequence and all.

With the first show in the books, The Interstates Tour was off to a smooth start. After tearing down and filling back to the van, we were on the way back to Hudson for some much needed pizza, beer and most importantly sleep. I was fortunate enough to leave the guys that night and crash back at my own place. This luxury wouldn't be the case for the next few stops, and that's when the real adventures would begin. 

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